Friday, September 22, 2017

Living with Lobsters

A friend asked for more detail about lobsters and considering the number of buoys I dodged, I agreed. So, here are a few pictures with comments about living with lobsters in Maine…

A fine example of a lobster boat weighed down with all the gear needed.

Lobster pot buoys on the Sheepscot River...remember we are navigating through these.

Pulling up pots.

Buoys get tangled.

Boats appear out of the fog.

Sailing through the "mine field", as Charlotte is fond of calling the conglomeration of buoys.

Stonington, Maine on Deer Island is a working lobstermen town hidden away on Deer Isle Thoroughfare.

A fellow Nordic Tug negotiating another "mine field".

A distinctive boat loaded for bear.

A sense of humor on Islebourgh Isle.

The working part of the boat with the pulley...looks dangerous!

The table complete with bait bags and rubberbands for the claws.

Beautiful aren't they...


Adventures of Fran and Stephen said...

Great pics. Thanks Dean

Martin R. T. Mersch said...

as a wee lad I'd going out lobstering with Uncle Jarlath in Galway Bay. An open boat with a one lung engine...
thanx for sharing.

GEM 'n I said...

Dean & Charlotte -
Great to see those pix after having been home now two weeks.
We wish you a good winter while Carrie Rose rests, awaiting next summer.
Ray & Gail